Graphic Design


Diploma of Graphic Design

Latrobe College of Art & Design offers a comprehensive and flexible Diploma of Graphic Design centred around producing creative thinkers who have skills in both digital and print design. Our teaching staff are experienced, practicing designers in their fields and offer industry-based insights and an innovative approach to the creative process in design. Classes are conducted in a studio setting with small groups and lots of opportunity for one-to-one learning.

The Diploma of Graphic Design is suitable for students of all levels of experience with support tailored accordingly. Students vary from those interested in gaining some design skills to support their visual art practice, to those seeking to forge a career in design. Project-based learning has been designed to mirror industry practice and give students exposure to consultation processes and a broad range of practical skills.

VET Student Loans are available for eligible students.

The Diploma of Graphic Design covers skills in:
  • Communication Design
  • Typography
  • Design Theory & Practice
  • Imaging & Graphics
  • Studio Art¬†Design
  • Photography
  • Packaging & Publication
  • Concept & Identity
  • Drawing
  • Web Design
  • Digital & Moving Image

At the core of our Diploma of Graphic Design is a study in visual language; how it shapes us, how we interact with it, and how you can interact with it as a creative professional.

Other important information:

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in overseas art tours
  • Full-time and part-time study options are available (the Diploma of Graphic Design can be completed in 1 year)
  • Our courses are suitable for both year-12 leavers and non-year-12 participants
  • Graduates gain skills that allow them the opportunity to work in a range of creative fields

Latrobe College of Art & Design is celebrating 26 years of success in creative education in 2021.


Autumn term 21 February 2022 Three to four days per week. Part-time is also available.
Winter term 6 June 2022
Spring term 21 September 2021


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