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Latrobe College of Art and Design

Painting Methods 

In this comprehensive subject, students gain a thorough understanding of painting techniques and methods. Emphasis is placed on the nature of observation and the way it is utilised in painting.   Read more


Latrobe College of Art & Design

EXTENDED Painting Methods

This subject allows experienced students to embrace individual interests and ambitions through the development of art projects. A comprehensive range of advanced painting methods and skills are covered and work from the figure is conducted in this subject.   Read more


Latrobe College Drawing

Drawing & Mixed Media

In this subject, students explore both fundamental methods and alternative approaches in the drawing. This subject is centred on developing skills and increasing a vocabulary of drawing techniques.   Read more



This subject is for intermediate and advanced level students looking to develop skills, strategies, and ideas through general and conceptual drawing. In this subject students are taught to translate investigation and research into developed concepts, employing their individual visual language throughout the process.   Read more


Studio art & Ideas

Studio Art & IDEAS

For new students, this subject is about learning the creative process of marrying creative ideas with materials and processes. It is the critical beginning to learning about making art and discovering when an idea works. In this subject, students’ can take creative risks and experiment with different media or they can expand on a medium they have learnt, or are learning, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, digital, photo media or other.    Read more

Latrobe College Studio Pratcitce


This intermediate to advanced level subject follows on from Studio Art. Participants gain an increased understanding of developments within their individual creative process. Guidance and support are given in fostering a strong relationship between the student’s ideas and the methods and materials they employ.    Read more


Latrobe College Sculpture

Sculpture & Installation

In this comprehensive subject, students develop fundamental skills in sculpture including modelling in clay and plaster. The use of materials and forms are nurtured through both traditional and alternative approaches to scale, shape, rhythm and dynamic. Students develop a sound knowledge of established sculptors and contemporary directions in sculpture.    Read more

Latrobe College Art History

Art History – 20th Century

This subject provides an introduction to the major art movements that established a foundation for modernism in art practice. Students explore Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, Dada, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Conceptual Art in the 1970s.
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In this subject, students investigate the revival of painting in the 1980s and the pluralism of approaches to art practice that characterise the contemporary scene. Emphasis is placed on the variety of approaches dominating the current discourse of visual art including deconstruction, post-colonialism, gender, and global issues.
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This subject introduces students to the professional practice of the artist in the art world. Participants examine a variety of Melbourne-based galleries (contemporary, traditional, commercial, public and artist run) and compare them to galleries around the globe.   Read more


Latrobe College of Art & Design

Imaging & Graphics

 This subject provides a comprehensive introduction to Adobe’s Creative suite Illustrator and InDesign, the leading creative software packages across the design, art, photography and publishing industries.   Read more


Latrobe College Communication Design

Communication Design

This comprehensive subject in design fundamentals introduces students to design principles including colour, hierarchy, balance and alignment. Emphasis is placed on using symbolic language and archetypes to build effective communication through strong visual narratives.
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Latrobe College Packaging_Publication

Packaging & Publication

This subject explores the print-based disciplines of the design industry. Students gain skills in publication design through utilising grid layouts and typesetting along with design principles to create dynamic compositions. Contemporary case studies are drawn on for inspiration and to inform unique project outcomes ranging from magazine layout to collateral design.   Read more

Latrobe College of Art & Design

Concept & Identity

Our Concept & Identity subject pivots around a four-stage process designed to aid creative output and achieve outstanding outcomes in visual communication.
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Latrobe College of Art and Design

Web Design

It is now essential that communication designers have an understanding of how design translates to a web environment. In this subject, students gain a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and responsive web design along with CMS and SEO principles.    Read more



Design Theory & PRACTICE

This subject gives students the opportunity to engage with the dynamic scope of contemporary design theory and an array of historical design movements. Knowledge gained in this subject provides students with a strong foundation on which to build their own unique visual language and make informed decisions in a creative environment.   Read more 

image capture


The student learns how to apply the skills and knowledge required to produce creative and innovative photo images. Students acquire the ability to plan shoots, set up cameras, adjust and calibrate settings for camera exposure and subject lighting. This subject is a combination of lecture, presentation/assignment and critique to evaluate the effectiveness of visual images in relation to the target audience.   Read more

Photography Latrobe College


The subject is an introduction to traditional and contemporary photo media practices from the European avant-garde to contemporary practices today. This subject will examine analogue printing process from the dawn of photography. Sessions include printing demonstrations followed by darkroom practices. This subject concentrates on combining darkroom with digital methods allowing and encouraging students to explore a wealth of photographic possibilities made available today.   Read more



The student learns to examine descriptive and emotive lighting effects by exploring and cataloguing historical figures within lighting and photography. The students will practice both colour and black and white and uncover techniques of strobe lighting, reflectors, diffusers, and experimental flash techniques. From low light and long exposure to lighting up every detail in the image, the student will find a wealth of lighting techniques and approaches in which to command their photographic practice.    Read more

Photography Latrobe College


Digital & Moving Image aims to introduce students to the world of digital art technologies as a creative tool. It covers basic video / digital production techniques and experimentation‚Äď as applied in the creative industries. It can be used by visual artists, graphic designers, animators, photographers, as well as students new to the digital medium, to get off the ground in the world of digital art. Taught will be basic editing, simple film-making techniques, green screening, animating in iMovie, and digital image manipulation techniques in Adobe Photoshop.¬† ¬†Read more

Photography Latrobe College


The student will learn to use a DSLR camera, from pre-sets through to manual mode examining the history and theory of photography and identifying key figures and their specific techniques and methods. The subject is a combination of lecture, demonstration, shooting assignment, and critique, and allows students to obtain a working knowledge of the creative image-making practice.   Read more

Photography Latrobe College


This subject will give the student an opportunity to understand and produce images using the visible spectrum accurately. Students equip themselves with an array of technology to build a workflow and understand colour from image capture, to screen calibration. Students will become versed in temperature, colour correction, filtration, tonal reproduction, luminescence, as well as to turn colour images successfully into high-quality monochrome.   Read more

Photography Latrobe College


The subject brings together an array of areas that utilize the style of illustrative photography. The student is encouraged to follow their passion, whether it is within visual art, photo media, advertising, photography, or architecture. Students will be given a conceptual framework in which to consider their shoots and master different facets of photography to prepare them for a professional career.    Read more

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