Summer Short

Latrobe College of Art and Design


This intensive studio-based summer program introduces students to a variety of drawing and painting fundamentals. Students explore the use of mixed media, with no prior drawing and painting experience necessary and gain skills across a range of contemporary approaches. Areas covered include general and life drawing, painting methods and techniques, along with individually tailored explorations of art making.

Our teachers have extensive experience not only in art making but also in teaching art at leading universities and colleges. During the program students will work with up to three of our key teachers. This allows students an insight into the different subjects that individual teachers specialise in and to gauge what other courses or creative directions might be of future interest. This program is suitable for those with no previous experience in art through to those with intermediate skills. Teachers will be Jane Cocks, Michael Mark, Honor Bradbeer and Robert Mangion.


In this intensive creative program, participants are introduced to fundamentals in digital media and design. Students are provided with a comprehensive introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop – the leading creative software packages used across the design, art, photography and publishing industries. Through a series of tutorials and creative projects, participants build a solid tool kit for use in creating polished outcomes across a variety of creative disciplines. Students gain exposure to contemporary design trends and foster a strong foundation on which to forge their own unique visual language and make informed decisions in a creative environment.

Our teachers are key artists and designers in Melbourne’s rich network of professional creatives. Throughout this program, students have the opportunity to work closely with teachers to explore opportunities in creative industry and set goals for achieving success in a desired discipline. This program is suitable for those with little or no previous experience in digital media and design. Teachers will be Leon Calero and Kitty St Clair.


Build yours skills and knowledge and develop an independent body of photographic work. Through a series of informal classes, with practical demonstrations and workshop style assignments, you will begin to identify key strengths in your visual communication as a photographer. As a student, you will become well versed in Digital SLR camera control, exposure, ISO, white balance; everything necessary to make sure you get the correct exposure.

Develop a good understanding in your creative approaches toward lighting and learn basic techniques in Photoshop. Improve your image capture and decision making with references to key photographic figures from past to present and let their tried and tested approaches develop your vision. Be effective in planning, image capture and post production. The college has a limited amount of cameras available so it is strongly recommended you have your own equipment. In the course you will also create an online Flickr account which is free. Participants will need a 2GB-8GB memory card.

The teacher will be Greg Penn

  • trance

  • techno

  • synth-pop

  • soundtrack

  • smooth-jazz

  • rock

  • rap

  • >r-b

  • psychedelic

  • pop-rock

  • pop

  • new-age

  • musicians

  • metal

  • melodic-metal

  • lounge

  • jazz-funk

  • jazz

  • house

  • hip-hop

  • >heavy-metal

  • hard-rock

  • get.php

  • electronic

  • dubstep

  • drumbass

  • downtempo

  • disco

  • country

  • clubdance

  • classical

  • chillout

  • chanson

  • breakbeat

  • blues

  • ambient

  • alternative-rock