Visual Art


Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Visual Art

Latrobe College of Art & Design is proud to offer a nationally recognised Diploma of Visual Art and Advanced Diploma of Visual Art. Our courses enable students to develop a range of technical skills and conceptual strategies in visual art whilst nurturing their own individual style. Students have the option of enrolling in an art-focused stream or a photography-focused stream in visual art and are supported by experienced teachers who are well-recognised in their respective fields.

Our Program includes:

In 1st Year (Diploma of Visual Art)

  • Drawing &¬†Mixed Media
  • Studio¬†Art & Ideas
  • Sculpture
  • Painting Methods
  • Art History 20th Century Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Digital & Moving Image

In 2nd year (Advanced Diploma of Visual Art)

  • Extended Drawing
  • Studio Exhibition Project
  • Art Practice & Theory
  • Independent Studio
  • Extended Painting Methods

In the photography stream:

  • In the Photography stream, students will exchange drawing and sculpture units with Photography units

Develop Creatively 

Latrobe College of Art & Design is one Melbourne’s leading colleges in visual art. Our Collingwood studio warehouse provides a dynamic environment in which to study and develop creative and technical skills in a variety of disciplines.

Intimate class sizes and opportunity for one-to-one teaching allows students to rapidly forge a creative style and cultivate an independent visual art practice. In their second year of study, Advanced Diploma students will be allotted their own individual studio space in which to work and create their art. Our visual art courses are taught in fully equipped studios with up-to-date materials to create an inspiring learning environment. Our facilities include digital labs, workshops, and common rooms to create a supportive, community-driven environment for students who are seriously committed to developing their art practice.

Students also exhibit their work in the Latrobe College Gallery Space and each year have opportunities to join our annual trips to New York, the Venice Biennale or Berlin to complete an intensive study unit.

Students can go also on to further study at university level and receive credit for their study in these programs.

Our visual arts programs uphold a strong reputation for success. We welcome a wide range of the creatively curious, from beginners to experienced artists wanting to hone their craft. Latrobe College of Art & Design is home to students of all ages, including local and overseas artists.

VET student loans are also available for eligible Diploma and Advanced Diploma students.


  • Visual artist
  • Gallery director
  • Photographer
  • Visual art teacher
  • Animator
  • Museum conservator
  • Illustrator
  • Exhibition curator
  • Designer
  • Specialist artisan
  • Gallery assistant
  • Visual art industry expert


Autumn term 21 February 2022 Three days per week. Part-time is also available.
Winter term 6 June 2022
Spring term 20 September 2021


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